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January 08, 2008



or here:


gtron sistem

Steal this film? here's a story: in 2002 newmediaartist Gtron Sistem from Kazakhstan did something pretty unique: he took a relevant 50sec. sample from the film Blade 2 (BEFORE it was released in cinemas anywhere) and inserted it into a film he made which starred an extra from Blade 2 - the result, called The Infringement: A Comedy in One (dmc)Act, was then released online the same day Blade 2 had its theatrical release... this was his statement against the DMCA, and it was posted with several old codecs (all available on the URL here) along with some amazing press releases explaining what happened to him with the FSB and other Russian authorities... check it out, pretty unique satire. http://infringement.jinak.cz

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