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June 16, 2006



Last night Keir met one of the team who operated the big LCD screen at the T&T game. He told Keir that up until the last minute of the game Dwight Yorke was to have been the Man of the Match. Not bad for a team showing no skill...

Stu ;-)


Rose tinted glasses and all that... I don't know how it looked on TV as I had to put up with BEING THERE, but it did appear that T&T really wanted it desperately and had a couple of good chances in the first half. Yeah, you're right, overall they were out of their depth, but England were shocking in the first half and we all thought T&T could take it. The substitutions saved the game for England, particularly Lennon. The performance overall didn't inspire, though. Publicly Lee says that England will win, but I think deep down we reckon they'll be put out in the semis. Did you see Argentina today?

Stu ;-)

Martin B


I'm sure you must get swept away with the moment and you know how envious I am of you being there but....touches of brillianc eby T&T - when, where, how, who.

I think not. Plucky underdogs always cause trouble for teams - just watch the FA Cup every year and you see the same thing happen - only at the WC it is with 4th division footballing nations vs premiership nations.

Almost any team who had professional athletes in their ranks could stiffle a better team if they kept 11 men behind the ball.

I have never seen so many people trun and sprint back into their own half before!

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