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June 30, 2006



Hi hon :-)

A Sporran is a pouch made of leather or fur that is worn on a chain around the waist on the front of a kilt. Since the traditional kilt lacks pockets the sporran carries one's keys, money clip, credit cards, identification, and (not uncommonly) a hip-flask...

Argentina are, and were, a better team, but they didn't put the ball in the back of the net often enough. I predicted penalties and a German win (they always win penalty shoot-outs).

Too many people in England are discussing "would we prefer to play Brazil or France". Portugal are a good team, and even without Deco, Ronaldo and Figo are deadly. I'm a lot less confident than my colleagues about this game, but I'll happily be proven wrong.

Stu ;-)


And the question remains...What is a sporran?
Good to have you back.
I am still wiping the tears away for Argentina even though someone said long ago: "Don't cry for me Argentina..."
I have three more things to say:

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