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February 06, 2007


Stuart Arnott

Yeah, very good... :-)

I can understand why Mac-users' evangelism can be seen as pomposity. It's a shame that the current adverts reinforce that impression (I agree, I think they do). But, it's because we simply can't understand why you Wintel PC people put up with all the crap you have to put up with! And the most baffling thing is that you aren't even aware that it IS crap and think that's just the way it is!

Having been a Wintel geek before I got my first Mac (my first PC being a 300Mhz i386 custom build with an enormous 200Mb RAM and running a pirated version of Windows 3.1), I can see the attraction of being able to tinker about with guts of my PC. I built bicycles and go-karts from scrap-yard parts when I was a child so believe me I get it. At first, I liked that I could tinker about, personalise and really understand what went on under the hood of my PC, and when things went wrong (often) I could fix it, and I got a kick out of that.

Problem is, I'm now a really busy company director with employees and freelancers, and really demanding projects with impossible deadlines. I need our computers to work. And work well. I need them to work WITH me, and I don't expect to have to fight or persuade them to get them to work. Working on my Mac is *utterly* effortless. It's as fast as lightning, they NEVER crash, OS X is totally intuitive, I can connect the Macs to anything and they JUST WORK right away (on a PC "Plug and Play" - "Plug and Pray" more like). Working on a Wintel is like wading through treacle, in comparison. I'm sorry it just is. I don't use Macs because I think they're cool - I use a Macs because in my industry, they work and PCs don't. They enable me and my team to do cool, creative things quickly and effortlessly to deadlines, and PCs don't. I'm sorry, it's a simple fact for us.

Even more importantly, though, for the ordinary user. A user should not have to learn how to "work" a computer. The computer should do all the hard work, be intuitive, and make life easier for the user. If Apple are pompous, then Microsoft are arrogant for believing that a person should have the knowledge to take apart and put back together their computer simply to download their photographs to it. On a Mac it's effortless. Plug in the any camera you can find, and your Mac *will* recognise it and offer to download your pictures to iPhoto without so much as a keypress. On a PC - oh dear, it doesn't recognise the device, it needs a driver, oh there's no appropriate driver, you need a new camera. Bummer. Try capturing video on a PC - or try tying a cherry stalk into a knot with your tongue. It'll be easier.

Anyway, I love my Mac. Would you ever say that you *love* your PC? Don't you wonder why ALL Mac owners say that they *love* their Mac. Don't PC owners ever feel they're missing out on something...?

If you love your PC then that's great and I'm happy for you. Good luck fending off those 114,000 viruses that are out there, though. What is a "virus" again...?

Yours, with tongue firmly in cheek,

Stu ;-)

ps Read instead of there's more cool stuff on there. I promise I'll cut down the Mac worshiping...!


If you knew anything about PCs, you wouldn't be using any version of Internet Explorer!!

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