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June 19, 2008


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To all who have received an e-mail from this cyber squatting spammer, a little bit of justice, albeit a tad immature perhaps. But hey, I was on vacation and needed something to do!

Best Regards,



Came here by a google search for Dan Kagan - You made my day, thanks for that. :)


I have received an email from this prick aswell and ofcourse filed a complaint at eNom.

Bart Stam

Two days ago I received a similar e-mail. He claims he's got a domain which he offers for $99, while I can order the same domain at other registrars for less than $15.

If this guy pisses you off, why don't you give him a phone call and tell him what kind of a**hole he is. His address and phonenumber can be easily found. Just lookup the domain domainsalertservice.com on the website http://whois.net.

He lives in Montreal Canada, and despite he is a native canadian-french speaker he speaks english very well.

Michael Reece

I just got an email from this maggot, is there anything people SHOULD do? I'm inclined to leave the message in my spam folder but it feels wrong..
I'll email the people I paid for my domain and check this spot for updates... This guy should apply to SCO, prolly can use another worm there..


I just received one of these spams, and it turns out he *has* actually registered the corresponding dot com. This is disgusting ... I wonder if he obtained the start up cash to actually purchase domain names for squatting, by merely sending out emails claiming he had. I'm not really that familiar with ICANN rules and procedures and so forth, but I am entirely open to suggestions on how to pursue this.


I just reported him to Enom as well. Thanks for the link.


i got an email from this jack*ss as well and sure enough, the .com url was still available.

i'm going to email enom as the person above suggested. this guy needs to be shut down!

Jeff DeWitt

I got one of this guys spams too, and you guys are right, he is a liar, the domain is still available.


Mike Riversdale

The top level domain for "people" is .name - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/.name

CW Ingalls

I received a similar "blackmailish" email from Daniel Kagan of Domains Alert Service. I also checked, and discovered that he had not actually obtained the domain name as he had claimed. If he had, his behavior would have been strictly against ICANN rules, and we could shut him down rather easily. However, there are still things that you can do.

The ICANN Registrar for his domain, www.domainsalertservice.com, is ENOM, INC. at www.enom.com. You can go to their website and register a complaint on their webform. It will be most effective if you give them both the headers and the contents (as HTML) of the email that you received.

Creative cussing might make you feel better, but is unlikely to affect Dan Kagan quite as much as the possibility of shutting down his website. Have fun.

Fly by Night Sailor

I received an identical email from this bottom-feeder as well. After first considering a response similar to yours, I checked the availability of the URL which he is trying to sell me. HE LIES ... he has not "obtained" the .com version of my .net URL. He is clearly casting a very wide net, and to actually purchase all those .com domains would be cost prohibitive. I was very tempted to send him a reply offering to sell him my .net URL, but I know that it would be a waste of my time.


I have received one of these emails as well, stating that he had the .com, but that I should be the one who has it.

"But, as you are the owner of .net, we first decided to let you know of an opportunity to acquire this valuable .COM."

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