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March 11, 2009


Used Komatsu Parts

Maybe it is time these terminology manglers and faddists were blessed an encourage to program with a number of actions to understand to discuss more better.

Freight Factoring

Keep battling the excellent combat stu chap! I am more worried with the disappearance of the top excellent nasty bag, there seem to be less, and that's a issue for the person who desires to get his alcohol house complete.


hahaha! (see also grrrrr!)

I agree with you Stu.

Maybe it's time these language manglers and faddists were gifted an invite to interface with a raft of measures to learn to talk more better.

Look on the bright side - at least they used punctuation and a capital letter.

Wellington Grey

While I'm with you on the 'fewer' vs 'less' you might want to listen to this: http://www.stephenfry.com/2008/12/22/series-2-episode-3-language/


Keep fighting the good fight stu chap! I am more concerned with the disappearance of the good quality plastic bag, there seem to be fewer, and that's a problem for the dude who wishes to get his booze home intact.


I just have to read the Facebook status updates from my teenage niece to know that it's already over.

We'll be in real trouble when the lawyers start writing like lolcats.

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